Friday, March 20, 2015

Goldsworthy Part 2

For my own computer created, Goldsworthy inspired art, I took the same picture of a stick and greater a broken heart in a hole in a tree.

Andy Goldsworthy Part 1: Pictures and Facts

1.) He has written books.
2.) He was born in Cheshire, England.
3.) He has four children.
4.) His art has lead to him receiving the Yorkshire arts Award and the Scottish arts Council award.
5.) He was born July 26th, 1956. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chris Jordan

Monday, March 2, 2015

Media HW

 Many cologne/purfume advertisements use attraction of very good-looking to grab attention and sell their product. These two ads are saying that using this product will get men/women all over you.... just because you smell nice-
This ad is showing a product that will slim you down, quite quickly. One woman, once photoshopped quite a lot, is shown in the same dress. This is to prove how slim you can look, not actually be, using this product.

A Hero To Me Is...

A hero needs no super powers. What they need is smarts, a heart, common sense, a lesson to teach, and a goal. Anyone can be a hero. All they need are five simple things. No powers, no fantasy, no cape is needed. All they need is a heart and a mind.

My hero is called: Project 75.2.1. She, in her business suit, changes the women's pay of 75 cents to the men's dollar.